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  Center for Awareness
   In the Temple of your Heart you come home to the Source  

Tempelbron offers:
* Tempelbron Music;
* Tempelbron Workshops and Retreats
* Tempelbron sessions; Coaching&Reading &healing

Watch videos of Buvana's "Tempelbron Music" live-in concert below

About Us

Your True Self Is Love, Joy, Freedom and Infinite Consciousness

How do you experience your true Self?

Tempelbron offers custom Golden Keys to help you

live your full potential and realize your highest destiny.  


   You learn:

How to get into your True Power

How to turn obstacles as "stepping stones"

How to masterly deal with problems         

How to quickly clear unconscious patterns and information

associated with experiences of suffering

And how to live a higher destiny than fate

what is prescribed by human programs

        Any problem can be solved

         Healed every pattern

        We can change the conditions of our lives"



               FROM HEAVY TO JOY

               FROM RESTRICTION TO




These sessions are highly recommended for people who are extra aware and sensitive, and for people who are in a period of transformation or have the feeling that they are stuck in certain life circumstances or situations.

Tempelbron works multi dimensional and holistic, that is to say that it works with the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies. The "healings and readings" take place from Higher Dimension Layers and Source Alignment within ourselves.

For (HSP) children and families who are stuck or who need more insight, there is the option of a tailor-made program in which both the child and the parents/carer can receive guidance.



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