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Besides Tempelbron healing, Tempelbron brings music:

Buvana sings, plays harp, guitar, shaman flute & composes songs


She plays on all kinds of occasions such as:

- retreats

- spiritual gatherings

- during workshops

- in rites of passage such as during pregnancy, just after birth,

during a marriage, during a disease process, before death,

during the funeral and so on.


Below are several CDs available!! 

Buvana has made a few solo albums, of which

"Beyond the Veil (2021), Temple of the Sea" (2016) and "Songs of Light" (2007). Songs of Light is only available digitally and via iTunes. Temple of the Sea can be purchased as a physical CD from me and can also be downloaded below. 

"SwarAngeli" is a special album by Ashvins, , and can also be downloaded below















Buvana plays in Ashvins together with Sandip Bhattacharya. Ashvins made the album "SwarAngeli" . This CD can be downloaded and ordered below. Swar Angeli brings a devotional journey, where the unity of religions is celebrated. On this page a video of one of the songs of this CD "Gatistvam", composed by Sandip and a video of the song "White Thursday" composed by Buvana...

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