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Tempelbron offers unique sessions.  

Buvana has gained decades of experience in healing and reading work, has mastered various tools and healing modalities and is living through it.  

Just like an artist who returns to simplicity and the source after experiencing great diversity and layering, Buvana now works from source, simplicity and the unity field. Simply put, it tunes in to who you really are and your soul indicates what's next and in what order. In order to embody more and more who you really are on earth.

It is not about working hard or fixing something from our mind, but rather about allowing your being into matter.  

During the intake we discuss what you would like to change, where you are and where you want to go.  

And soon dive into the deep.  Every session will be different. In one session we enter into an active dialogue, or a constellation. Another time it is about doing nothing, just lying comfortably and receiving what your soul reveals in the attunement with each other..

The main line is temple source alchemy, in which something may be converted from the root at the deepest level of the soul. Just as an alchemist knows how to convert a metal into gold, the released energy can serve a higher purpose. (the law of energy conservation)

It is important that you as a soul get the insights regarding the meaning of what occurs in your life and that you yourself come to stand in your mastery. These sessions are therefore not intended for people who think that someone else will solve it for them, but for people who want to take control of their own lives.

The healing / reading can be given remotely


Hypersensitivity in adults and children:

Tempelbron sessions are an excellent solution for people with high sensitivity, to guide them in how they can convert their sensitivity into strength instead of being lived by it.  

Buvana also provides energetic support to families with children with certain indications such as high sensitivity or autism and the like. Her experience is that these children are often misunderstood, and temple well helps to build bridges between the parents and the children

Healing and reading as well as constellations have proven to be very supportive for families who got stuck to be able to continue together!



Buvana regularly offers workshops and retreats, whether or not in collaboration with others.

These will then be reflected in the agenda.

This can be a retreat where silence, sound / mantra and meditation and nature play an important role  to come more deeply home to yourSelf.  

Temple source workshops for women in small groups can be very fulfilling and healing... in which we empower each other and a lot of healing is allowed to take place next to creative expression through sound/soul language/dance. This can be an afternoon or a series of afternoons.

A yoga retreat with sound/mantra and meditation is also a combination that people have responded to very positively.

Buvana has also provided many mantra singing evenings and does this with great love.

Do you give retreats yourself and would you like to exchange to organize something together?

Please do not hesitate to contact us.  



After the children's yoga year training, Buvana taught Tempelbron for kids for a number of years where she combined yoga/movement with mantras and creative artistic expression.  

Themes were often used. Several parents gave back how much this meant to their children.  

At the moment this is on hold, but something can always be arranged for children on request.  







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