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What is a Tempelbron Alchemy Healing?


This new form of healing has come to me from direct collaboration with the great compassionate Light/Source, and is so timely.

Actually the word healing is wrong; essentially we are already whole. On this timeline, in the third dimension, we experience it differently and we have forgotten that we are multi-dimensional beings.

Tempelbron helps with your "multidimensional awakening process", so that you can start living more and more from your wholeness or divinity.

What we do: As an alchemist knows how to convert a lower metal into a higher one, this temple alchemy healings work. What no longer serves the highest good is converted from within so that the released energy can serve a higher purpose.  Removing something to get rid of it often doesn't work, but this is a complete integration... your inner healer and your soul is in control.

Because we work from the unity field, it goes even further...every part you convert has an effect on your family line and on the whole of humanity... In addition, a lot can happen at DNA level (activations dormant DNA), genetic cleaning , balancing brain chemistry and much more. We are being guided to embody our authentic Self on Earth.

It is very supportive to come to healing and insights from an inner dialogue. When we have understood what the soul wanted to understand and see, then you are ready for the next chapter or next step.

In a loving way I take you by the hand, to guide you in this and to help you in your liberation process. It is a very beautiful and blessed process.


ARE YOU READY TO SAY YES TO YOURSELF? and convert old blocking programs and loops into joy, love, light and your beautiful life? Then this is really something for you.

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