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By Saskia v H., age 58, after an individual session series in 2018:

Although I already have a lot of experience with healings  - I also give healings myself, but have also received healings from many others - the treatments that Buvana gives really go into depth. I followed a series of 6 healings that allowed many things to be cleared up. Even when I thought I didn't really need a healing, another theme came up that required attention. The precise description of what happens during the healings makes me understand what the cause was. In doing so,  Buvana often shine her light on pieces that I was not aware of. This also made me more accepting of the process I was in. A lot was often allowed to happen and I experienced the treatments as very special! The warm and loving attention that Buvana gives, made me feel at ease with her and had complete confidence that the right thing was happening and what was needed at that moment.  Thank you dear Buvana, what a wonderful person you are!


What others said about a temple well workshop:

" A very nice workshop that gave exactly those processes and connection with other women, which I needed and I have not encountered anywhere else, What has touched me most deeply; the deep connection with other women, the healings of Buvana as well as those we gave each other through our sounds. After this workshop I feel deeper contact with myself, closer to my strength, standing stronger, and more aware of where I want to go. I found Buvana's guidance very nice and good. You were heard and there was responding in the moment to what was called " N.

"This workshop has given me a lot; the feeling of being allowed to Be unconditionally. The group felt like a big Heart with room for any emotion. Human interaction or not, we felt connected. I experienced a deeper connection with my healing abilities. What a joy in being together on a very deep level, through silence, sound and dance...I could speak the language of my soul.Because of the balance between giving and receiving, we supported each other and at the same time we stood on our own two feet. I can also feel something healed around "being together and exchanging in a group, showing myself and getting to know myself beyond all layers" I thought the commitment for 3 days was quite big in advance, but I'm very glad I did it anyway. of Buvana's care and loving attention. M

By Bea G., age 70, after an individual healing session series in 2017:

The first session was already very surprising when it became clear that I lost a twin sister during the abortion my mother had when she found out she was pregnant. Immediately, guilt and feelings of loneliness took an understandable place in my life.
In the following sessions we paid attention to my intestinal complaints, both on a physical, as well as on an emotional, spiritual and energetic level! My life has literally become "lighter"! The "heavy" feeling is much less
  and can now be embraced by me with love.
I feel that I am "substantially" changing, my consciousness is expanding and I can now live from a "deeply felt knowledge" that: I "Am", I "Am"
  in my body, in my Heart and my Soul, I "Am" both on earth and in connection with the spiritual world, I "Am Love", I "Am" Whole and Complete!!
That translates into moments that I can suddenly just look around me and then feel very happy and satisfied and amazed about what I see and what I don't see! As if there is something new, as if I am on a completely different wavelength at that moment and at the same time also see all the beauty here on earth!
Grateful for the support, presence, help of the spiritual world that goes through such a beautiful, loving woman like Buvana, I feel more close to
  has come !

By Trui V., after a number of individual healing sessions in 2016

I was a long way from cleaning myself up when I came to Buvana, but with/with her I can dot the i's and cross the t's. Because of her refinement I recognize my own much better and I feel strengthened in it. That's nice in this world full of noise and misunderstandings!  In addition, the healings help me to be myself more. And I discover that 'being myself' goes much further than I first realized. During the session you regularly receive a loving caring email, which helps to anchor what has happened. I am very happy with her!

By Cynthia, na  3 individual healing sessions 2016

The deeper (emotional) blockages are lovingly and gently put more and more in the light with each session. I feel myself becoming more and more free of ballast and with the help of Buvana I arrive step by step at my real Being. I feel so supported, helped and above all seen by Buvana. She only grants me the good that touches me greatly.  

By Marie and Jenny, after a musical accompaniment during a funeral:

Mary; Buvana's harp playing and singing at my friend's funeral touched me deeply. Grief was allowed to flow and I felt comforted and carried.

Thank you, Buvana.

Jenny: I found Buvana's harp playing moving, calming and comforting. It fitted in very well with Marianne's farewell service.

Marianne  knowing she would probably have liked it too.

By Janine M., age 37 2016, after a series of healing sessions

I got to know Buvana as a warm, sweet personality, who has been an example for me through her own development path and has given me hope in a period when I was having a hard time. I have especially benefited from the insights into my awareness process that she has given me, what I come here to do and the bigger picture. After an intensive process, my life is now very different than a few months ago. The healings of Tempelbron certainly contributed to this. Dear Buvana, thank you for your guidance in this process!


By Anna, 67 years 2016, after a session series;

"The first healing I received from Buvana opened the door to new life for me!

My biggest problem, the contact with the earth, immediately became more intense and at the same time the connection with the Cosmos went on. Deep underlying traumas were detected and immediately healed.

It was a totally new experience to be a lot further immediately afterwards. I experienced what it is like to be myself... wonderfully relaxed.

After that I ended up in a deeper part, which wanted to get out, and which gave a lot of clarification about my total life...I have started to enjoy much more and can handle all resistance, "everything is going much more the way I want it," it says wrote my diary."

We then "cleared" the family heirloom and relationship. That caused a very big jump, my heart opened, my inner smile became active spontaneously.

In early January 2015, I was told I had to undergo surgery on January 30th. With united forces we went to work...the deepest, most beautiful healings I was allowed to undergo, at the end of January the operation was no longer necessary!

It is a relief and stimulus to finally experience results and clarity.

Gracias a la vida que me ha dado tanto! danyavadj! Thank you Divine existence!

It is very nice to be involved during the fast and in-depth process

Thank you Buvana"

By Immelies, 69 years 2016

For about 3/4 years I went to Buvana about 1x a month.

The sessions were mainly next to transformatid; distance healing and holistic pulsing, aimed at selecting and measuring good Sensi preparations and nutritional supplements that I need for my health and energy management 

It is amazing how she is able to measure with her method what preparations are needed; its dosage; the number of days/weeks and the best time to take it.

It can also find out the percentage of admission. (e.g. the magnesium from Now there I take 94% and that from Bodo Kohler 88%)

They each keep a form with data, which is checked next time and adjusted if necessary.

I am very satisfied with the treatment so far, I feel a lot lighter and more energetic because unnecessary ballast from the past has disappeared and I have become more aware of my strength and who I actually am.

I also benefit a lot from the resources that support the emotional balance. This is necessary because I am currently in a heavy period in this regard.

I am fully convinced that more people will benefit from these treatments.

By Liese, 19 Years (part 1) 2015

I have learned a lot in the past sessions. After I had nowhere to go with my severe fears and fear of contamination, I came to Buvana. She has taught me not to push my fears away, but to face them and accept them as part of myself. I was angry because I was/am so anxious. Buvana has made me realize that I have taken on all kinds of things as a soul, in order to continue working and that this also manifests itself in this way. It is actually special instead of difficult and annoying and I have come to realize that. Its deeper meaning. I have the feeling that I am finally getting to the core of what matters, and that I am really being helped now.

I am now confident that everything will be fine, and that is very special after the dark years behind me. I'm not there yet and I still run into a lot of things, but a start has been made and I suddenly see openings for improvements and even solutions. I will continue to work with Buvana, and would like to work on getting more familiar with my high sensitivity instead of being blown away by it. I would also like to improve my confidence in myself and my body. I still feel partly locked up in my fear and therefore I can't be who I am and want to be yet. I would like to let that other Liese, who is now happily appearing more and more, come out even further. Love from Liese.

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