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Templebron activities and news

Music 2023:


*29 Oktober Trio in Petto plays at Culturhus Heitkamp, s'Heerenbergh


*12 November; healing-concert Ubbergen

On November 12 you are warmly welcome for a special one

afternoon cconcert in beautiful Ubbergen

It's a joy and honour to play with violinist and musician Martine Nijenhuis,

her music is so serene, loving and sparkling. Our instruments 

and voices will weave light patterns in harmony to nourish you.

You can enjoy the concert sitting and/or lying down in an intimate atmosphere.

We play in 432 Hz. Water will be charged during the concert

and shared afterwards

Please make a reservation in advance. More info comes soon


















The previous sister retreat was so beautiful and powerful. Great changes and healings took place at the deepest level of the soul. The retreats are given in an intimate setting of a maximum of 8 women in order to guarantee quality.

If there is enough interest, I would like to organize another Tempelbron sister retreat of a number of separate workshop days. This retreat is a very profound and healing togetherness, in which gates may open to a broader life and a life with expanded consciousness.

See video for more information. 

- We step into the alchemy temple and open ourselves to our quantum consciousness

- Recognizing and activating 6 universal divine laws, golden keys, that can place you in your true life instead of a life in which you are lived by human unconscious programs. Very beautiful and powerful.

- Temple sound healing and harmonies

- Powerful temple source alchemy healings from the unity field and own source alignment.

- Bringing light into the earth's layers

- Weather permitting; nature attunement is also discussed.

ooh I'm so looking forward to's going to be beautiful!

I.v.m. When booking and reserving the space, I prefer to first hear your interest and then I will get it started :-)

Women about the Tempelbron sister retreat:

A very nice workshop that provided exactly those processes and connections with other women that I needed and that I have not encountered elsewhere. What touched me most deeply; the deep connection with other women, the healings of Buvana and those we gave to each other through our sounds. After this workshop I feel deeper contact with myself, closer to my strength, standing firmer, and more aware of where I want to go. I found Buvana's guidance very pleasant and good. You were heard and what was said was responded to in the moment" N.

"This workshop has given me a lot; the feeling of being allowed to Be unconditionally.

The group felt like a big Heart with room for any emotion. Human interaction or not we were tangibly connected. I experienced a deeper connection with my healing abilities. What a joy in being together at a very deep level, through silence, sound and dance... I could speak the language of my soul.

Through the balance between giving and receiving, we carried each other and at the same time remained standing on our own two feet. It has also palpably healed something in me around "being together and exchanging in a group, showing and knowing myself beyond all layers." I thought the commitment for 3 days was quite big in advance, but I am very happy that I did it anyway. I really enjoyed Buvana's care and loving attention. M

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