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Prices for concerts or music on location:

In consultation and depending on factors, such as the duration of the concert and the necessary preparation time, we come to an amount together.

A therapeutic musical series can also be agreed upon, such as "healing harp and song at the bedside" ... here too, a financial agreement is looked at together.

Contact Buvana for a quote;

Prices personal healing/reading sessions:

Duration: 1.5 hours on average

Single session on location

A single session is 90,- 

Remote session  

A separate distance session is 80,- 


Experience shows that a series of 6 can bring about a huge change and fundamental shift in your life. Whether it's about more abundance, or getting rid of your fears/blockages...           If you would like to give this gift of commitment to yourself, I would like to accommodate you; you  now pays 80,- per session instead of 90,- for a series of 6 sessions or 70,- per time for the distance sessions

Price picture:

Imagine what it would be like in a year from now if you were in your life without the problems you are experiencing now? What would that be like, and what's that worth to you? How does this affect your life and your abundance now? And how would it feel if it stayed the same?

This question often helped me to come to the right decision and to stand up for myself and choose. And it's amazing how the universe will then grant your wish, and the money will be there.

I myself have paid all together thousands of euros to get to where I am now, and for you this means a shortcut. I too have made those choices in fairly dire situations with health problems and money challenges: in hindsight, these were the best and bravest choices I made in my life!



You can transfer the amount of the session series in one go, or in  pay installments or per session .

Cancellation policy:

If your appointment is canceled within 24 hours for any reason, I will still charge the full fee or count it as a session.





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