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Extra guidance in case of sensitivity or high sensitivity

We live in a time of great changes. Much has been said and written about this time and about the New Earth. The consciousness and vibration of the earth is changing rapidly. The new time ensures that a lot is vibrated loose from our system, from the old energy and information. In this way we are prepared for the new.

More and more people are on Earth to support this process, and have settled on Earth in a more sensitive system and energy coat.

Things are experienced, sensed and/or sensed more intensely from the environment and often even further than that.

At the same time, the need to keep one's own field clean and light is also greater because things are noticed more quickly.

Do you recognize this in yourself? And is it a burden to you or a joyful gift?

Suppose someone in the middle of the jungle receives a Jeep as a gift, but does not know how to use it, then it can become a ballast; the car gets dirty and old and gets in the way. But once the same person learns what a Jeep can do for him and how to drive it, a bigger world opens up to him. If we recognize our gifts or gifts and know how to use them, the whole life of a sensitive or empath changes, and he/she can mean a lot to the environment and the world. Many sensitive people want that too, but can't get it, because of feeling overwhelmed by stimuli, influences and energy confusions that often subconsciously play. Especially in this time, with invisible developments via new and wireless techniques, we are greatly challenged to deal consciously with our energy system.


A refined jacket gives you an immense challenge to awareness, and this can sometimes be very difficult and give the feeling of being lived instead of living and being able to bring your greater potential into the world.


Tempelbron can help you step by step, to come into your true power and also in your connection with the source and your inner guidance.. Then you stand like a powerhouse and you can be that beacon of light for others. It is an approach and awareness on several layers, which is why a session series is recommended.

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